Desert Patrol

Lego Technic RC Buggy

This TLCB writer was hoping for a quiet afternoon watching the Spa Grand Prix qualifying today. Sadly one of our Elves had other ideas. A victim of several smushings in the past, today it found the creation it had longed for ever since it was first released from its cage.

Lightweight, stealthy black, remote control with twin L Motors driving the rear wheels, and with gloriously bouncy suspension, 1711902090‘s* ‘Desert Patrol’ RC buggy was the perfect find for an aggrieved Elf. It even has a machine gun (thankfully non-functioning) mounted to the front.

The result of all that remote control goodness floated down the corridor to TLCB office in the form of Elven screaming followed by a significant bang. Sigh. A weary trudge to the corridor outside revealed the buggy upside-down, rear wheels still spinning, with a trail of variously smushed Elves stretching down the carpet behind it and three still tangled up inside the wreckage.

We’ll sort out the Elven injuries later, for now you can join us looking at the creation that caused them on Brickshelf – click the link above to make the jump.

*Who really needs a better online name.

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