Paint the Town Red

Lego Technic RC Buggy

[Elven screaming]… [Thump!]… [Elven screaming]… Sigh. It’d been a while since that last serious incident of Elf-on-Elf vehicular violence, but today normal service was resumed thanks to this remote control ‘Dirt 2’-inspired Class 1 off-road buggy by newcomer Teo.

Powered by twin LEGO Buggy Motors and with mega-travel suspension all round Teo’s buggy made easy pickings of the Elves unfortunate enough to be caught the corridors of TLCB Towers.

Lego Technic RC Buggy

We now have some tidying up to do as we try to remember which combination of cleaning products most effectively removes Elf blood from carpet, so whilst we get on with that you can see more of Teo’s Class 1 buggy from the video game Dirt 2 at either Flickr or via the Eurobricks forum, plus you watch the model in action courtesy of the video below.

YouTube Video:

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