Small-Scale Sixties Sunday

We had a three-way Elf fight here at TLCB Towers today, as a trio of intrepid internet investigators returned with three sixties classics. This inevitably led to a fight over whose was best, but as all three are being blogged they’re all winners, much a like a pre-school sports day.

The first of today’s small-scale replicas is 1968 Mercury Cougar, in a rather fetching turquoise. Regular bloggee Jonathan Elliott is the builder and there’s more to see at his photostream.

Our second sixties classic is rather more exotic, being the first miid-engined supercar and arguably Lamborghini’s finest hour, the magnificent Miura. Moritz Ziegler is the builder behind this excellent orange Speed Champions recreation and there’s more to see at the link.

The final car in today’s trio steps down from Speed Champions to Town scale, yet somehow manages to be even more detailed.

Built by 1saac W, this brilliant late ’50s to early ’60s Nash Metropolitan is a refinement of a previously blogged build, enhanced with some clever chrome stickerage and really rather clever roof design.

There’s more to see of 1saac’s updated Nash via the link above, plus you can see the appearance of the original, which includes the backstory of this unusual car, by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Small-Scale Sixties Sunday

    1. thelegocarblogger Post author

      Hello Fabrice (a bloggee yourself no less?)

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it does appear that Moritz’s Miura may have been influenced by Jonathan’s. Unfortunately we rely on builders to give credit where it is owed as we’d have to keep track of the whole internet of MOCs otherwise!

      Perhaps leave a comment with Moritz requesting a note be added : )

      Kind regards
      TLCB Team

      1. AbFab74 (Fabrice)

        Thanks LTCB,

        I can’t agree more.

        Actually, I was aiming more at the designer than the elves, and was hoping Moritz would pick up my comment here.
        Anyway, as per your suggestion, I’ve left a comment directly on Moritz’ Flickr page now.

        Keep up the great work!



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