Grey, ugly, and slightly depressing. Most Soviet items, whether architecture or vehicular, seemed to follow these designs rules, but at least the UAZ-452 got a good nickname.

‘Bukhanka’ means ‘bread loaf’*, and became attached to the UAZ-452 thanks to its slightly loaf-like aesthetic.

The 452 has maintained said shape since its launch in 1965, and it’s still being sold virtually unchanged today, even taking until 2011 to gain seatbelts and anti-lock brakes.

Used as a van, ambulance, pick-up truck, military vehicle, minibus, and countless other applications, the ‘Bukhanka’ is common sight across Eastern Europe, and has been recreated brilliantly in brick-form by previous bloggee PalBenglat.

Pal’s 6-wide ‘Bukhanka’ captures the design of the original wonderfully and there’s more to see at his ‘UAZ-452 Bukhanka’ album on Flickr. Click the link above to loaf on over.

*And not, as it turns out, when several gu… nevermind. Google carefully kids…

2 thoughts on “Bukhanka

  1. Damsen

    Another ironic and idiotic post from a western zombie bashing on Russian things. On top of that uses a toy platform to abuse this ability.

    Don’t re-post Russian things if you consider it unapealing. You are just making an ignorant idiot out of yourself.

    If Russian things are so bad etc then why are you western monkeys desperately copying their things so as stealing from others ever since your pathetic parasitic western country exists.
    You should stfu and be happy you still exist. You are your own biggest enemy, you don’t need anyone else.

    Stick your nose into your own backyard and leave the rest of the world alone, so normal people and nations older then you can have a life since you are the biggest issue out there. Not Russians or anything else related.

    1. thelegocarblogger Post author

      Hello Damsen

      Thanks for your message.

      The Bukhanka is worthy of poking fun at, as we have done for countless American, European and Asian cars also.

      Have a great day.

      TLCB Team


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