Challenge This

Chrysler, beaten to the ‘pony car’ market by the Ford Mustang, decided that if was going to be late, strength in numbers would win the day. As such the corporation launched about a dozen pony/muscle cars, all of which seemed to do more-or-less the same job, and each being available with a bewildering array of engines.

This is one of Dodge’s offerings from the time, the Challenger. Like its Charger brethren that appeared here last month, this stunning replica of the ’70s pony car comes from Szunyogh Balázs (aka gnat.bricks), who has recreated the Challenger magnificently in Model Team form.

A detailed engine resides under an opening hood, the doors open to reveal a life-like interior, and even the Challenger’s chassis and drivetrain have been accurately replicated.

Excellent presentation caps a really impressive build, and there’s much more of the model to see at both Szunyogh’s ’12 Studs Challenger’ album on Flickr or via the Eurobricks discussion forum by clicking these words.

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