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Lego M-Tron

LEGO Space is getting weird. Previously peaceful Classic Spacemen are kicking ass and M-Tron has been supersized.

No sooner had we pinched Wami Delthorn’s enormous reimagining of the classic 1993 M-Tron Core Magnetiser set from The Brothers Brick than one of our enterprising Elves went and found a 6989 re-boot of our own.

This ridiculously cool (and equally massive) version of the classic M-Tron set comes from Flickr’s Rat Dude, and it’s taken M-Tron to a whole new level. With a small army of mini-figures, Technic suspension, and Power Functions drive, this is Lego space as TLCB likes it!

There’s a whole lot more to see of Rat’s insane 6989 M-Tron recreation at his photostream – click the link above to join us there.

Lego 6989 M-Tron

Caught Red Handed

Lego M-Tron Core Magnetiser

OK, we might as well come clean. Our Elves did not find this creation, and thus they haven’t been fed, and thus they are sulking. The Brothers Brick uncovered this incredible motorised re-imagining of the classic M-Tron 6989 set by Flickr’s Wami Delthorn, and so awesome is it that we had to post it here too. How awesome you say? This awesome…

There’s more to see of Wami’s brilliant M-Tron Core Magnetiser 2.0 on Flickr via the link above – take a look whilst we watch the video again and weigh up a move into marketing…