Lego M-Tron

LEGO Space is getting weird. Previously peaceful Classic Spacemen are kicking ass and M-Tron has been supersized.

No sooner had we pinched Wami Delthorn’s enormous reimagining of the classic 1993 M-Tron Core Magnetiser set from The Brothers Brick than one of our enterprising Elves went and found a 6989 re-boot of our own.

This ridiculously cool (and equally massive) version of the classic M-Tron set comes from Flickr’s Rat Dude, and it’s taken M-Tron to a whole new level. With a small army of mini-figures, Technic suspension, and Power Functions drive, this is Lego space as TLCB likes it!

There’s a whole lot more to see of Rat’s insane 6989 M-Tron recreation at his photostream – click the link above to join us there.

Lego 6989 M-Tron

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