Rolling Sixes

Lego Chevrolet Sled Hot Rod

Nothing beats two sixes (well, in Risk anyway) so here’s our winning roll of the dice for the weekend. Above is a gloriously smooth ’52 Chevy sled by Flickr’s Tim Henderson, whilst below TLCB favourite Angka Utama has recreated Zagato’s stunning ’90s Aston Martin V8 in 6-wide form. See more of each build on Flickr via the links.

Lego Aston Martin V8 Zagato

1 thought on “Rolling Sixes

  1. timhenderson73

    Thanks so much TLCB for your support once again, you guys are the mostest awesomest!!! That Aston tho, wow!! Angka is such a great builder, one of my favorites, and it’s truly an honor to be featured alongside him. 😀


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