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A Clockwork Orange

Lego Kamov Ka-26 HelicopterThis has got to be one of the weirdest aircraft that we’ve featured, and almost unbelievably it’s an accurate miniature replica of a real-world helicopter – the 1960’s Soviet-made Kamov Ka-26.

Like much of what was produced behind the iron curtain in the early post-war years the Kamov Ka-26 was a bit rubbish. It required its two unreliable radial engines to be working constantly at almost full power to stay in the air, meaning it needed ridiculously frequent maintenance. Despite the design faults over eight-hundred Kamov Ka-26s were built, with many of them employed as crop spraying aircraft in Eastern Europe like the Hungarian version we have here.

This neat Lego recreation of the Soviet oddity is the work of Flickr’s Dornbi, and there’s more to see at his photostream – click the link above for take off.

Clockwork Orange

Lego Space Racer

Orange No.1

A double post today, with a decidedly orange theme. Above we have Tromas’s very cool Honda Hoshi Sci-Fi Racer, looking like an offshore powerboat racer for the skies, whilst below we have Heiwa71’s superb Orange Fleet. We think the Elves must’ve been watching an orange-orientated Sesame Street yesterday…

Lego Space Fleet

Orange No.s 2, 3 and 4