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Lead Sled

The Elves are happy today. Not only has one of their number found a shiny red hot rod, but there’s a scantily clad girl too. Cue Elven giggling. We have Master MOCer and previous bloggee Redfern1950s to thank for our sniggering workforce of mythical little turds, and his ’50s Mercury-based ‘lead sled’ built in his trademark style.

Smooth curves (the car, not the girl) and chrome embellishments (again…) complete the look, and there’s more to see of Red’s Lead Sled at his vehicle-packed photostream. Click the link above to head to Flickr for a closer look, but no giggling!

Cutting Lead

Lego Technic Lead Sled

Horcik Designs has clearly been taking photo advice from your Mom, because there is a lot on show in his latest images. That’s because his Technic ‘Leadsled’ is a ‘cutaway’, a tactic used by car companies at motor shows to display the inner working of their vehicles. Horcik’s creation uses the technique to great effect too, with one side of the model devoid of panelling, allowing us to see the highly-detailed V8 engine hooked up to a 4-speed gearbox, working steering, and door locking mechanisms. There’s also a slightly terrifying doll impersonating a motor show girl, but we’re doing our best not to look her in the eyes. There’s much more to see (and there really is in this case) at Horcik’s Flickr photostream, plus you can read more about the build and join the discussion at the Eurobricks forum.

Lego Technic Lead Sled