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Winged Horse II

Lego Pegaso Truck

Following yesterday’s Winged Horse we round off the weekend with another, this gorgeous classic Pegaso truck by Flickr’s Cabecin. Pegaso, named after the mythical Greek flying horse Pegasus, were a Spanish manufacturer of civilian and military trucks between the mid ’40s and mid ’90s. In 1990 the Pegaso company was bought by Iveco, who quietly closed the name down in 1994. Cabecin’s 1950s classic might be the only Pegaso truck to be built this year, and you can see more of it and his other works on Flickr via the link above.

Fin Del Camino

Pegaso Truck

Pegaso 2080/50

This rather odd looking truck is a Spanish Pegaso 2080 from the late ’70s. Pegaso started in the 1940s and made some of the most beautiful goods vehicles and coaches of the time. Unfortunately, like many independent truck makers in the ’70s and ’80s, they started to struggle on their own (probably not helped by designs like the above) and alliances were sought with other truck makers in order to secure their future. Sadly none paid off, and Pegaso was bought by, and absorbed into, Iveco, with their final trucks rolling of the production line in the early ’90s. This 1:13 scale Model Team version is the work of Cabecin on Flickr. See more by visiting his photostream.