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Caprice Classic

TLCB’s home nation didn’t get to the enjoy the delights of ’90s full-size American sedans. And by ‘delights’, we mean oversize bodywork, fantastically lazy engines, and the plastics quality of a Kinder Egg toy. This is one such car, the Chevrolet Caprice Classic.

Launched in ’91, the fourth generation of Chevy’s full-size sedan wore new aerodynamic but unpopular bodywork, carried over V8 engines from the previous generation, and rode on a chassis from 1977. Which unbelievably was enough to earn it Motor Trend’s ‘Domestic Car of the Year’, showing just how rubbish American cars were in 1991.

This excellent 6-wide homage to the early-’90s American barge comes from aaref1ev of Flickr, who has captured the Caprice Classic brilliantly, also rendering the design in NYPD and Taxi Cab flavours. Head to aaref1ev’s photostream to jump back to the early-’90s, and be thankful that automotive era is long over…

Big Red Truck

If you’re a TLCB Elf, seven, or indeed a member of TLCB Team, then you probably like Big Red Trucks.

This Model Team / Technic Freightliner Classic is definitely a Big Red Truck, and what’s more it has some proper Technic functionally too, with working steering, inline-6 piston engine, and fifth-wheel hitch, plus opening doors and hood.

Anton Kablash is the builder and there’s more to see on Flickr here, if you like Big Red Trucks too.

Indian Chief

We’re not sure this is the most politically-correct motorcycle in the world, but it sure might be the most beautiful. The Indian Chief Classic is the brand’s modern interpretation of their rich two-wheeled heritage, recreated in spectacular fashion here by previous bloggee Henrik Jensen.

Henrik’s stunning Model Team Indian Chief is – like all the best creations – 100% LEGO, however many of the pieces have been custom chromed to create the incredible finish you see here.

Phenomenal detailing is evident throughout the build, with our particular highlight being the superbly replicated V-Twin engine, first designed in LDD before its construction from chromed LEGO pieces.

Henrik’s beautiful creation includes working rear suspension, steering, and custom ‘Indian’ decals, and there’s a whole lot more to see at his ‘Indian Chief Classic 2017‘ album on Flickr; click the link to take a closer look at one of the most impressive bikes this site has featured yet.

Double Dutch

Dutch Coaster Ship

1950s Dutch Coaster ‘Fiona’

I don’t think we’ve posted a Dutch ship at all before now, and yet today we’ve blogged two! The second is this 1950s Coaster, built by Konajra on Flickr. Measuring 1.25 meters long and absolutely packed with details, it’s well worth taking the trip to Flickr to see more.

Fin Del Camino

Pegaso Truck

Pegaso 2080/50

This rather odd looking truck is a Spanish Pegaso 2080 from the late ’70s. Pegaso started in the 1940s and made some of the most beautiful goods vehicles and coaches of the time. Unfortunately, like many independent truck makers in the ’70s and ’80s, they started to struggle on their own (probably not helped by designs like the above) and alliances were sought with other truck makers in order to secure their future. Sadly none paid off, and Pegaso was bought by, and absorbed into, Iveco, with their final trucks rolling of the production line in the early ’90s. This 1:13 scale Model Team version is the work of Cabecin on Flickr. See more by visiting his photostream.

Transporter Of Delight


With apologies for the preponderance of trucks in recent posts (there’ll be a car soon, I promise!), I’m afraid I just couldn’t resist this. The elf who brought it was completely resistable, mind…

It’s a 1953 Alfa Romeo race transporter, with body by Bartoletti. What’s really impressive about this beauty is the substance within – proper Technic supercar stuff like suspension on all wheels, steering, engine and all that jazz. It’s not often truck builders go to all that trouble. Thomas Graafland is the one who did.

Quick question: It is an Alfa, and therefore absolutely lovely; but what’ll pick it up when it breaks down?

It’s 1979 All Over Again…


Something space-y is happening on MOCpages. AFOLs of a certain age will fondly remember the original series of Classic Space sets. It was just Space then, of course…

There were quite a few dinky little ‘pocket money’ sets with simple vehicles and flying things for the happy spacemen to gad about in, and it’s these that ‘The Pocket Money Space Contest’  seeks to evoke, using less than 100 pieces. All great fun, and it’s open for entries until Jan. 10th. Make something as retro-cool as Nils O’s entry, above, and you’ll be in with a chance. There are even prizes.

Well, it is Christmas…

Ye Olde Mercedes

Henning Birkeland’s Mercedes Simplex

Henning Birkeland has built this wonderful 8-wide Mercedes Simplex produced between 1902 and 1909 by Daimler.  Look at all those angles and offsets, and the marvelous colour design!

It’s got everything a car needs – four wheels (plus a spare tire), a drop-top, and a crank. What has been improved since those days? I really don’t know … Oh yes, we have airbags. Show your appreciation on MOCpages.

Six Stud Star

Lego Pontiac Star Chief

1955 Pontiac Star Chief

Maybe the Elves are getting lazy, with two small scale finds in a row. We promise to feature something big soon. However, when even small creations are this good we’re not complaining. This lovely little Pontiac is the work 1saacw on Flickr (and MOCpages). True to the 1955 original it’s finned, chromed and two-tone, and we love it. It’s also apparently the creator’s 100th MOC, so a happy centenary to 1saacw from TLCB Team.

Racing Brilliance


The Alan Mann racing team Ford GT40, built by MortalSwordsman for the burgeoning Classic Race Teams group over on MOCpages, which is rapidly become the top one-stop shop for happy elf hunting.

View it here http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/316897 and drool some more…

Bermuda Shorts

1958 Edsel Bermuda Station Wagon

1958 Edsel Bermuda Station Wagon

Famous for having a front grill that resembled a lady’s, er… you know, Edsel was a heroic failure. But what a cool failure. Misterzumbi has built this epic ’58 Edsel Wagon, complete with wood-grain (that’s genuine Lego too) and a roof rack full of beachy things.