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Big Red Truck

If you’re a TLCB Elf, seven, or indeed a member of TLCB Team, then you probably like Big Red Trucks.

This Model Team / Technic Freightliner Classic is definitely a Big Red Truck, and what’s more it has some proper Technic functionally too, with working steering, inline-6 piston engine, and fifth-wheel hitch, plus opening doors and hood.

Anton Kablash is the builder and there’s more to see on Flickr here, if you like Big Red Trucks too.


This slab of white enormity is a Frieghtliner FLA 9664, and it comes from Michael217, who has managed to combine the best of Model Team and Technic building styles into one superb creation.

The chassis is constructed from modern studless Technic, with a complete remote control drivetrain consisting of two XL Motors for drive, an L Motor for steering, and a Medium Motor to power the tilting cab hidden within it.

The lifelike Model Team exterior is matched by an accurate engine and a brilliantly detailed interior behind open doors, with all hatches inside opening too, and there’s more to see of all of that at Michael’s expansive Frieghtliner FLA Bricksafe gallery and at the Eurobricks forum by clicking here.

Whirl ‘n Wheel Again

As 2019 draws to a close might have found our favourite model of the year so far! The 5590 ‘Wheel ‘n Whirl Super Truck’, thankfully called something far less silly in our home nation, was one of the three sets that launched the Model Team range almost thirty years ago.

Three models in one, 5590 included a cab-over truck, trailer, and helicopter, all of which were detailed beyond any other LEGO sets of the time. Things have moved on a bit since then though, and Flickr’s Havoc has brought the classic Model Team set bang up to date with his incredible reimagining of the original.

Built at a considerably larger scale, Havoc’s 5590 Redux packs in even more detail, becoming a Freightliner cab-over with a working V8 mounted under the tilting cab, a TV screen inside the sleeper area (playing the movie ‘Convoy’!), and even a to-scale box containing 5590 set sitting on the bench, whilst the helicopter also gets taken up a notch, now replicating a real life Bell 206 Jetranger.

Havoc’s stunning redux of one of LEGO’s most important sets is available to view in more detail at his photostream via the link above, where several high-quality images of each part of the build can be found. You can also check out our review of the brilliant original 5590 set that inspired Havoc’s build by visiting TLCB’s Review Library, where it and over a hundred other reviews can be found!

Elf For a Day

Lego Freightliner Truck

Our Elves have barely a rudimentary grasp of even the English language, so unfortunately foreign-language sites are largely missed here at TLCB. However, a Doktor Brick member (Pat) got in touch with a suggestion from the German Lego forum, so it’s over to him as guest blogger…

We at Doktor Brick have some really good car builders and designers… Today I’d like to present you this excellent Freightliner Truck from the 1970s. The model is 8-studs wide and fits well into the latest Lego City universe. Pet-tho is the builder and you can see all of his photos (plus some explanation in German) by clicking here.

If you’d like to get in touch with us as Pat has done you can do so by visiting the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page. We’ve even archived the hundreds of previous comments so the page won’t take an hour to load anymore too!

Holiday Haulage

Lego Freightliner Truck

We’re back! And we hope you had a very Happy Christmas!

We arrived in TLCB office today to the sound of a mug being dragged mournfully across metal bars. The Elves – locked up since Christmas Eve – were bored. Bored and hungry.

Upon their release they quickly dispersed back into the internet to resume their ongoing search for the best Lego vehicles from around the world. One of the swiftest/hungriest Elves returned promptly with this smooth-looking Model Team Freightliner FLD 120 truck by Brickshelf’s spongebrickpl. It features Power Functions remote control, opening doors and hood, and there are more photos available via the link above.

Rubber Trucker

Lego Crane Truck

This lovely Freightliner crane truck was found by one of our Elves on Flickr. Ricecracker is the builder, and he’s found a rather genius way of shaping the bonnet whilst still using genuine Lego parts. There’s a clue in the title – see if you can guess what’s been used before you check the answer on Flickr!

Lego Dump Truck