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Lego Freightliner Truck

Our Elves have barely a rudimentary grasp of even the English language, so unfortunately foreign-language sites are largely missed here at TLCB. However, a Doktor Brick member (Pat) got in touch with a suggestion from the German Lego forum, so it’s over to him as guest blogger…

We at Doktor Brick have some really good car builders and designers… Today I’d like to present you this excellent Freightliner Truck from the 1970s. The model is 8-studs wide and fits well into the latest Lego City universe. Pet-tho is the builder and you can see all of his photos (plus some explanation in German) by clicking here.

If you’d like to get in touch with us as Pat has done you can do so by visiting the Feedback and Submission Suggestions page. We’ve even archived the hundreds of previous comments so the page won’t take an hour to load anymore too!

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