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Scorpion King

Lego Technic RC Ponsse Scorpion King Forester

The Scorpion King may be a truly awful movie spun off from a merely not very good one (although this TLCB Writer will watch it at every opportunity for one simple reason), but it managed to spawn both an even more pointless sequel and give name to an obscure Finnish forest harvester range.

OK, we’re not really sure if the marketing department at Ponsse actually named their eight-wheel harvester line after a terrible Dwayne Johnson film, but they do share the same name.

This goliath of a model is a fully-functioning Technic recreation of that Finnish forester, and it’s a work of engineering genius. Powered by eleven motors, marthart‘s Ponsse Scorpion King can drive, steer via linear-actuator driven central articulation, raise, extend and turn the harvesting arm, and do whatever-it-is that the thing on the end does to harvest trees, all via remote control.

There’s also an on-board compressor for the pneumatic system, an inline 6-cylinder engine, working suspension, and a detailed tilting cabin too.

There are more images available to view at marthart’s Ponsse Scorpion King album on Brickshelf via the link above, and here’s another bonus pic because something good had to come from that dismal movie…

Lego Technic RC Ponsse Scorpion King Forester

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Come fly with me…


Insert Rachel Weisz for twice the awesome

This might just be the coolest contraption we’ve ever featured. Psiaki’s steampunky airship walks the thin road to genius often trodden by those of mad-scientist persuasion. It also reminds us of the flying boat in The Mummy Returns. Which in turn makes us think of Rachel Weisz (surely the only reason to watch that film?), and for generating that circuitous link we are very grateful. View it on Flickr, and then maybe Google pictures of Rachel Weisz…

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