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Slot Machine

Lego Scalextric Slot Racer

You can’t beat sliding into a slot and having a good quickie. Just be careful you don’t overdo it, fall out, and end up ploughing through the carpet by accident. Still, a swift retrieval and reinsertion by hand can fix the situation and allow the fun the continue. This neat slot racer by Flickr’s Jonas comes complete with track and hovering hand, and you can see more at the link above.

Slot Machine

Lego School Bus

Friend of The Lego Car Blog, Marcus Paul (aka ER0L) has featured here a few times over the past year with his super Town style vehicles. In the background though, he’s been working on something quite revolutionary during 2013.

With his collaborative partner Altezza RS, ER0L has designed an ingenious system to provide his vehicles with propulsion around a town layout, taking inspiration from both LEGO’s own Miniland displays in which vehicles and ships move around set routes, and slot car racing systems such as the mightily good fun Scalextric.

You can see how ER0L and Altezza are developing their system via the link to ER0L’s American school bus above, or watch the video demonstrating a prototype below. Good luck from TLCB with the development guys!