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That Was Febrovery That Was

Here at The Lego Car Blog, we pride ourselves on being a serious journal. We’ve chronicled and curated a high quality collection of Technic vehicles, Town & City minifig-scale machines and micro-scale builds. We would never demean ourselves with a photo feature on such a silly group as this year’s Febrovery. Oh, go on then: here’s a spaceman driving a giant caterpillar…

Crimso 01

Two of this year’s most prolific contributors to the group were Crimso Giger and TF Designs, both of whom produced a rover for each of the 28 days of the month. Featured above is Crimso’s “Caterpillar Rover” from day 23 and below is TF Designs’ “A.D.U. Rundown”. Each of TF designs’ vehicles was built from parts from Lego’s space themes from Classic Space to the present day.


TLCB regular Billyburg’s style is ideally suited to the Febrovery theme and we featured one of his builds in our Valentine’s Day Special. Using many smaller pieces and slices of Lego tubing Billyburg produced a selection of rovers, featuring his trademark blue spaceman. The Elves particularly liked the playability of his Lunar R.O.V.E.R.

Billburg Soccer

The month also featured many impractical and dangerous designs from another TLCB bloggee, David Roberts. Fortunately these were all built in LDD and with nothing for the Elves to sink their teeth into, they didn’t meet our Submission Guidelines. Also in the useful but probably impractical category was Halfbeak’s CS Ravine Rover, apparently enabling spacemen to, “Cross that ditch without a hitch!”.

Halfbeak Canyon

We featured Tyler Sky’s very practical contribution to the Febrovery group almost a month ago. He went back in time, both to Classic Space and possibly to the Stone Age to create his Primitive Rover. A practical manual power back-up or a throw back to the Flintstones: you decide!

Primitive Rover

A newcomer to both Febrovery and The Lego Car Blog was French builder, Pirate Cox. We featured his charming, Morgan-like Rover #7 earlier in the month. The Elves also liked his Rover #5 monowheel, with its clever arrangement of cogs and control pedals for the driver.

PC Mono Wheel

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning another prolific builder of slightly silly space rovers, David Alexander Smith. He raised the intellectual tone of the month with a thoughtful and thought provoking article on his philosophical Lego blog, “Building Debates“. Visit the Febrovery Flickr group by clicking this link and see David Smith’s thesis in action that, “Lego builders do it best, when we do it together.”

On that high-brow, cultural note, it just remains for us to finish with another build from the man who started it all: Crimso Giger. Here’s a spaceman driving a giant snail.

Crimso Snail