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Blowing Snow

Lego Technic Unimog Snow Blower

Nope, not an 80’s stockbroker snorting a line from the stomach of a lady of negotiable affection, but this – Thirdwigg‘s exceptionally neat Technic snowblower. In fact it’s such a neat creation that when edited onto an official-looking box it could easily pass for a real LEGO set. There’s working steering, blower rotation and elevation adjustment, a working piston engine, and a functioning salt spreader too. You can see all the images on Flickr at the link above, plus you can join the discussion at the Eurobricks forum here.

Lego Technic Snowblower

Summer Fun!

Lego Ice RunnerSummer has finally arrived here at The Lego Car Blog Towers; the sun is shining, birds are singing, ice-cream vans are on patrol, and girls you previously wouldn’t have noticed now require a double-take. But we’re a global blog, and we know many of you are in the depths of winter, or that even in summer you live in amongst the white stuff (snow, not cocaine). As such here’s a vehicle for all of you feeling the icy hand of Jack Frost, Karwik‘s superb ‘NKL-26’ Ice Runner. See more on Flickr at the link.