Spacey Saturday

Lego D-Wing Fighter

The Elves are feeling a bit peculiar this weekend, and thus they’ve found some pretty weird creations today. Not all were suitable for public viewing, but these two definitely are. First up (above) is the latest creation by TLCB favourite VolumeX, who has expanded on the Star Wars ship naming rules and designed a ‘D-Wing’ fighter. You can see all the details at VolumeX’s photostream above.

Lego Technic Star Wars Droid

Today’s second spacey MOC comes from Technic builder Vimal Patel, better known as vmln8r, who also builds something that bears a close resemblance to George Lucas’ finest work. Vimal’s Technic droid features remote control, including a handy grabbing arm that looks great for fetching sweets and the TV remote. See it in action below, or on Vimal’s photostream via the link above.

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