The Bridge

Lego WW2 Bridge

This wonderful Second World War scene comes from TLCB newcomer Jeffrey Mille aka BeLgIum ww2 bUiLdeR. Jeffrey has recreated a typical European stone bridge crossing the river into a sleepy hamlet, which until the World Wars would have been a little dot on the map of little importance. Come conflict though, and river crossings matter.

The Germans guarding this one look pretty well armed, with mobile artillery well entrenched at either end. Crossing the bridge is a rather lovely column of assorted German vehicles, including a Panzer and the ubiquitous Opel Blitz truck.

Lego German Military

The eight vehicles in this creation have given us a bit of headache here at TLCB, as the two Elves that found this are demanding eight meal tokens and Smarties. Which is not going to happen.

Whilst we sort out this workplace dispute you can take a trip to Flickr to see ‘The Bridge’ in more detail, including photos of each of the vehicles featured. Click the link above to visit Mr. Mille’s photostream.

Lego World War II mini-figures

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