Lego 4x4 Truck

This blogger stepped onto something soft and a little crunchy in the TLCB office today. An inspection revealed it as an Elf thoroughly smushed into the carpet. Hmm.

A glance up the corridor revealed several more flattened Elves, some in comical cartoon running-away poses, and the sound of a distant maniacal laugh.

One weary trudge later and the source was discovered; a monstrous remote control pick-up truck being controlled by a jubilant – and typically violent – Elf, that was intent on running down any of its colleagues with which it had a grievance. With our Elves, this meant all of them.

With the controls removed and placed under our… er, control, we could take a closer look at the vehicular weapon. Built by Lucio Switch, it’s quite an epic creation. Powered by two XL motors, Lucio’s Technic 4×4 Pick-Up features full RC drive, a supercharged V8 up front, fully independent suspension with three differentials, plus opening gull wing doors and hood.

There’s lots more to see on both MOCpages and Flickr, click the links to take a look at the detail whilst we get the office spatula out to prise the victims of the mass-smushing out of the carpet.

Lego Technic 4x4 Pick-Up

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