Ticket to Ride

Lego Technic Hoist Truck

Getting a ticket isn’t fun, and in many cities if you’ve parked particularly poorly you might come back to find an empty space where your car used to be*.

Brickshelf’s pipasseyoyo has recreated the traffic warden’s favourite tool – the hoist truck – in Technic, and he’s included a whole host of Power Functions components too.

His build includes four motors running through three gearboxes, meaning the truck can drive, steer, tilt and lower the ramp, rotate, extend and lift the crane boom, and deploy stabilisers. Which is a lot more than most official LEGO Technic sets. You can see how it’s all packed in via the link to Brickshelf above.

Lego Technic Recovery Truck

*Or – if you’re an unsuspecting TLCB Elf – where your cage used to be, courtesy of a mischievous colleague.


1 thought on “Ticket to Ride

  1. Jay

    These a seriously some of the coolest Lego creations I’ve seen! I just recently opened up a Towing Service in Little Rock. We don’t have any of our trucks wrapped yet, but it’s something we’ve thought about. If we do I’d love to have one of these built to put in our office!


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