Speed Champions Italia

Lego Speed Champions Ferrari 458 Italia

LEGO’s Speed Champions series has been warmly received by the online community and we’re starting to see some excellent additions to LEGO’s original line-up. This is one of our favourites, ER0L’s lovely Ferrari 458 Italia. You can see more of the mini-figure scale Ferrari here, and if you’d like to get started building your own Lego cars the Speed Champions series is a great place to begin – and you may even get to see your creation blogged!

Lego Ferrari 458 Italia GT2

4 thoughts on “Speed Champions Italia

  1. REV^Coldpoint

    (^_^)☞ Rating: (^__^)☞(^__^)☞(^__^)☞(^__^)☞(^_!!!

    Those are fitting in for stars. The halfstar icon is impossible.

  2. Darren

    What part are you using for the rims/fenders? The Speed Champion ones are waaay bigger than those, and the other ones are too small for the tires.

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