Pump Action – Picture Special

Lego Mercedes-Benz Arocs Concrete Pump Truck

Home-designed variants of LEGO’s own official 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs truck set are popping up all over the place at the moment, and this absolutely enormous 4-axle concrete pump is easily the biggest, the most complicated, and probably the most amazing variant we’ve seen so far.

Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Truck

Built by Brickshelf’s waler, this remarkable Technic model faithfully replicates the huge truck-mounted concrete pumps that regularly service the needs of entire construction sites*.

Lego Mercedes-Benz Remote Control Truck

Featuring remotely controlled Power Functions drive and 4-wheel steering, LED lights, a tilting cab, a V6 piston engine, motorised out-riggers, rotating pump arm, and pneumatic compressor for the pneumatically raising and extending boom, Waler’s Mercdes-Benz Arocs is one of the most technically advanced builds of the year.

Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs RC

There’s an extensive gallery of over 40 superb images available to view on Brickshelf – join us there in amazement by clicking the link in the text above.

*Just like your Mom.

7 thoughts on “Pump Action – Picture Special

  1. thomasgraafland

    Completely agree that this is the most amazing one yet! I’m still waiting for a variant that is lowered and still has suspension, though.

  2. Milan

    Whats up with these Your Mom “jokes”? I saw them few posts back, and thought that was very unpleasant and unnecessary.. And now here, again. Certainly not funny. It makes me feel sad to see my favorite blog going that way.
    Nice work on the truck.

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Milan

      Thanks for stopping by, and also that we’re your favourite blog (or used to be?).

      They’ve been here for a while, replacing the ‘Insert _____ for twice the awesome’ that used to caption some of the images.

      We’re not here to please everyone and we are quite spectacularly childish at times, but that is partly why we’re different from the more professional Lego blogs on the ‘net. ‘Your Mom’ has also received positive feedback too.

      We do value your feedback though, and we do always listen to our readers’ views.

      All the best

      TLCB Team

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