Limitless Lego Liebherr

Lego Liebherr LTC 1045 3.1

This TLCB staffer walked into the office today to be met by the forlorn stare of an Elf sitting alone on a shelf 6ft off the ground. Hmm.

A quick trip around TLCB Towers revealed more lonely Elves perched upon various items of tall furniture. Something fishy was clearly going on.

A delightedly evil cackle floating down the corridor provided a clue, and after a weary trudge across the building the cause was determined; A jubilant Elf had discovered this incredible machine – a fully working 1:13 scale Lego replica of Liebherr’s LTC 1045 mobile crane, complete with twelve Power Functions motors – and had set about on a mission to strand as many of its colleagues as it could in various precarious places around the office.

Lego Liebherr Crane

In fairness to the little delinquent it had done a very thorough job, no doubt helped by the amazingness of the creation under its control.

LimitlessBricks is the builder, and his model Liebherr LTC is simply astonishing. With all-wheel-drive, all-wheel-steering, all-wheel fully adjustable active suspension, lockable axles, working outriggers, rotating and extending three-section boom complete with a raising and tilting cabin, and some brilliant (and enormous) brick-built wheels, it’s one of the most technologically advanced creations that this site has ever featured.

The only way to really appreciate LimitlessBricks’ build is to see it in action (which unfortunately for our Elven workforce, meant being marooned alone on the top of a bookshelf). Luckily you can experience the Liebherr from the comfort of your chair via the video below, and you can see more photos and full details by visiting LimitlessBrick’s Flickr photostream via the link above.

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