Big Cat’s Back

Lego Caterpillar D11t Remote Control Bulldozer

Davy Linden’s incredible (and enormous) Caterpillar D11t bulldozer was featured here at TLCB last year, and if you thought it couldn’t get any more amazing, it just has!

Previously a static display piece, Davy has since added two Power Functions XL motors (one for each track), a pneumatic compressor powered by an L motor, and four Servo motor powered pneumatic switches to control a range of working functions, including the huge front blade’s height and title angle, and the operation of the rear ripper. There are two SBrick’s enabling bluetooth control via a mobile device as well as full LED lighting.

There’s lots more to see at Davy’s photostream – click here to make the jump to Flickr.

Lego RC Bull Dozer

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2 thoughts on “Big Cat’s Back

  1. Brickosnwheels says:

    This is a wonderful peace. However, this not a revamp of the CAT you blogged previously, as the article suggests. I saw this one last weekend where Davy and I both attended at the European Modelshow, and it is a completely new build in 1:17 scale, as the other is 1:11 scaled.

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  2. Bulldozer Co says:

    Really nice powerfull model!!!!


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