Cherry Picked

Lego Technic RC Cherrypicker Truck

We’re not really sure why hoist platforms are called ‘cherry pickers’. They must be useful for picking cherries, but other tasty fruits are equally pickable. In fact, we’ve only ever seen these things in operation fixing street lights or telephone cables, with no fruit of any kind involved at all. Anyway, whatever they should be called, this Technic version by Eurobricks’ TomasHubik is a nifty bit of kit.

Underneath the slightly bland (but therefore pretty realistic) bodywork there’s a fully remote controlled 4×4 drive-train complete with front and rear differentials and rear-axle suspension. But can you pick cherries (or other fruits) with it? Yup, because that complicated-looking lift-arm arrangement on the back is remotely controlled too, with two Medium Power Functions motors propelling the platform skywards and rotating it towards the tastiest plunder. You can even use it for marooning Elves in high places. Not that we’d do that.

There’s lots more to see at the Eurobricks discussion forum, where there’s also a link to a video the cherry picker in action. Click the link above to get picking.

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