Independence Day

Lego Technic RC Nimr Ajban SOV

It’s the fourth of July! Which means America is celebrating the day when Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum implanted a virus in the alien mothership intent on invading Earth. Or something. Anyway, to celebrate here’s probably the most American vehicle we could find, a huge gas-guzzling military off-road behemoth!

Except this huge gas-guzzling military off-road behemoth isn’t American at all. In fact it’s called the Nimr Ajban SOV (a name alone which probably irritates some members of the NRA), and it comes from the United Arab Emirates.

This giant 1:8 scale Technic recreation of Abu Dhabi’s finest military hardware is the work of Samolot, and it’s packed with Technic goodness. Four Power Functions L motors offer direct drive to each wheel, a fifth L motor powers the steering, there’s all-wheel independent suspension, and it sits on massive third party 130mm tyres.

If you’d like to see more of Samolot’s Nimr Ajban head on over to either MOCpages or Eurobricks where the full gallery of images – plus some videos of the model in action – are available to view.

Lego Technic RC Nimr Ajban SOV

2 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Quackman

    Wow, how racist and rude of you to be insulting a group of people just because they seem like a bad group of people. The NRA doesn’t represent Islamiphobia. Shame on you. please keep politics out out Legos. It makes reading less enjoyable and only frustrates people.

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Quackman

      Thanks for stopping by.

      We didn’t know members of the NRA were a separate race. Our apologies.

      Seriously though, we poke fun at many things here at TLCB, and the NRA are not exempt. Maybe they would be if we were based in the U.S., because, well… they have guns, and we’re scared of those.

      However, as guns are illegal in our home nation, we feel safe to do so. Also, freedom of speech and all that.

      Anyway, we hope you had a great 4th July despite our silliness – we’re just an amateurish Lego blog at the end of the day. Don’t let us get to you!

      All the best

      TLCB Team


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