Kuro Kin

Lego Datsun 240Z Kuro Kin

Simon Przepiorka’s brilliant 8-wide Speed Champions Datsun 240Z design has appeared here before, but so good is his latest iteration (and so well photographed too) we didn’t think you’d mind the update.

Lego Datsun 240Z Kuro Kin

Newly built in black and gold, Simon’s ‘Kuro Kin’ 240Z looks very much like our sort of car, even though our research into what ‘Kuro Kin’ actually means only turned up a Singaporean restaurant. The title will remain a mystery then, but you can see more of Simon’s stunning Speed Champions creation at his photostream – click here to take a peek.

Lego Datsun 240Z Kuro Kin

2 thoughts on “Kuro Kin

  1. Simon Przepiorka

    Hey there! Once again thank you for sharing my work. Really appreciate that. I thought to let you know what it’s name stands for, It’s in Japanese and means BLACK (kuro) GOLD (kin) (: Also i thought to mention that my cars are a “bit” larger that speed champions so im not sure if it’s a good comparison (they are about twice the parts as SP) but anyway 😀 Hope that helped a bit!!!!


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