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America really likes pick-up trucks. The best selling vehicles in the U.S. are the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado, and Dodge Ram, followed by a pair of SUVs (the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V respectively). In fact only two vehicles in the top eight are cars. Tump is (rightly) called out on his total disregard for CO2 emissions legislation, but it’s not like he’s going against the wishes of the American people, who – based on their vehicular choices – must all be lumberjacks during the week and tow boats at the weekend.

Of course the electric revolution will reach pick-up trucks one day, and until then Ford at least have taken a small step in the right direction by replacing most of their old V8s with smaller, marginally less environmentally catastrophic, turbocharged units.

Back to electricity though, and pick-ups are perfect for electrification, having loads of chassis space for batteries, and supposedly often doing tasks that would benefit from electric motor torque, like lumberjacking and towing boats…

The electrification of Lego pick-ups is the opposite however, seeing as there is no covered body to hide the battery box, and both it and the motors have to be squeezed inside a cabin full of cabiny things. That hasn’t stopped mktechniccreations though, who has built this superbly accurate Model Team/Creator Ford F-150 that would be bloggable on looks alone, and yet – by witchcraft and magic – has equipped his model with a perfectly-concealed full remote control drive system with Power Functions motors and a BuWizz bluetooth battery.

It’s quite a feat of engineering and if you’d like to have a go yourself MK has released building instructions so you can learn how he’s done it! There’s more to see of this remarkably packaged Ford F-150 at both MK’s Bricksafe gallery and at the Eurobricks forum, where you can see images showing how the motors are fitted and find a link to building instructions – take a look via links!

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  1. Purple Dave

    Emissions regulations are precisely why trucks and SUVs are so popular. Sedans were subjected to gas mileage restrictions that increased over time. Trucks and SUVs were exempt from such regulations. The Big 3 figured out very quickly that it was easier to push larger vehicles than improve their gas mileage on sedans, so they’ve been shoving trucks and SUVs down the throats of the American people for over three decades. Of course they’re popular, because that’s where all the ad money went.

    They’ve also played dirty with other regulations. At one point, the Ford Explorer had a curb weight of 5,995 pounds. This kept it just under the 6,000 pound limit for commercial vehicles, which would come with higher annual registration fees. But the gross weight, once even a single person climbed inside, was over 6,000 pounds, which allowed buyers to qualify for massive tax breaks geared towards commercial vehicles when purchasing one new.

    So, if they hadn’t imposed mileage standards at all, or imposed them evenly across the board, trucks that are so big they only get 10 miles per gallon wouldn’t be so popular for everyday driving because the auto industry wouldn’t have put so much effort into selling the idea that they’re sexy.


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