One Part Three Speed

LEGO’s increase to eight studs of width for their Speed Champions range has added a dose more realism to the real world vehicles represented in brick form. Key to this change was a new windshield piece, which is somehow perfect for all manner of completely different supercars.

Previous bloggee Fabrice Larcheveque has utilised this part superbly, creating a myriad of instantly recognisable Speed Champions supercars centred around a uniform cockpit brick. We have three of his builds here today, with a Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Countach, and Ferrari 512 BB from left to right.

Each captures its real world counterpart brilliantly, with clever sticker use – as per LEGO’s official Speed Champions sets – making them even more authentic.

Building instructions are available and there’s more to see of these three ’80s supercars, plus many more besides, at Fabrice’s photostream. Take a look via the link.

3 thoughts on “One Part Three Speed

  1. Fabrice / AbFab74

    Many thanksGJBricks! I am chuffed you like my designs so much!

    Just so you know, I have tried to design these models with typical official Lego requirements in mind, to make them as close as possible to what our favourite Plastic brick company would produce.

    So I aimed to deliver accurate designs with no compromise on their sturdiness.
    For this reason, I avoided some (too) clever building technique often used on car MOCs, which, sadly, tend to make models quite difficult to assemble and far too flimsy.

    And I also like to use stickers within reason; to give an extra dose of realism (something Lego does a bit too much on some of their mode, imo – e.g. the 2021 Chevy Corvette)

    My only deviation to standard Lego requirements is on the # parts, where I typically have 30 to 50% more than official Lego sets.
    This is because I put far more details inside my models, including engine and detailed cabins. I wish Lego would do the same on the Speed Champions series, even if this would make their models a bit more expensive…


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