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Full-Stud Racer

Stud-full Racer

MortalSwordsman returns to our favourite of his genres; historic race cars, with this sleek looking Alan Mann Ford Escort race car. Well, sleek, but also superbly classic looking, as he captures the wonderful late ’60s shape with studded plates. See more by clicking his name above.

Pony Club

Alan Mann Mustang

Alan Mann Racing Mustang

Austin Nomorinfo, who’s featured here before with his wonderful muscle cars, has built this glorious Alan Mann Racing Ford Mustang. It’s been made to fit alongside another previous Lego Car Blog entry; MortalSwordsman’s Alan Mann Fiat Transporter. Presumably there’s another two cars to come…

A beautiful mash-up

Fiat Bartoletti Alan Mann

Like Christmas leftovers; lots of different styles but delicious

The accepted norm in the MOC-ing world is to pick a technique and stick with it. MortalSwordman has decided to buck this trend with his Fiat Bartoletti Type II race transporter, with stunning results. He uses traditional studs-up, smooth SNOT, full-stud and Technic techniques all in one model. Our favourite area is perhaps the letters – squint and ‘Cobra Ford’ will miraculously appear! There’s a group on MOCpages where several of these classic transporters have been built. Check out Mortal’s MOCpage via the link above for details.