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Let’s Go Schwimming

Lego VW Swimmwagen

This company would be the choice of peace loving hippies within 15 years. Weird.

Volkswagen, rescued by the British Army after near annihilation during the World War Two Allied bombings, was not always a global behemoth churning out millions of cars a year. Its past includes being the darling of the hippy movement, and prior to this, foundations routed in conflict. This is one of their earliest efforts, and also one of their contributions to the Axis Powers, the Type 128 Schwimmwagen. So called because it can, er, schwimm. LegoUli has used some ingenious techniques to recreate the famous wartime amphibian. Click his name to see more.

Banzai Bomber

A6M5 Fighter

A6M5 “Zeke” Fighter

This superb Fighter-Bomber is a Japanese A6M5, equipped to take-off from the Japanese fleet of aircraft carriers and further the Empire’s assaults during World War Two. Sydag Paragon has captured the shape and details of the real aircraft beautifully, through a combination of SNOT and traditional studs-up building. View it on MOCpages.