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Out of Africa

Leichter Panzerspähwagen

Captain Eugene’s Leichter Panzerspähwagen SD KFZ 222

The Leichter Panzerspähwagen (Light Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle) was widely used by the German military throughout World War II. This particular example, built by Captain Eugene, is a SD KFZ 222 in North African specification. Built by Auto Union (which would later become Audi) the SD KFZ featured a 3.5 liter Horch V8, MG34 machine gun, 2cm Kwk cannon, and it could even be fitted with a 28mm anti-tank cannon. To see more of this historic vehicle, visit Captain Eugene’s Flickr page.

Let’s Go Schwimming

Lego VW Swimmwagen

This company would be the choice of peace loving hippies within 15 years. Weird.

Volkswagen, rescued by the British Army after near annihilation during the World War Two Allied bombings, was not always a global behemoth churning out millions of cars a year. Its past includes being the darling of the hippy movement, and prior to this, foundations routed in conflict. This is one of their earliest efforts, and also one of their contributions to the Axis Powers, the Type 128 Schwimmwagen. So called because it can, er, schwimm. LegoUli has used some ingenious techniques to recreate the famous wartime amphibian. Click his name to see more.

Mini Fortress

Lego B17

Insert flanking Mustang fighters for twice the awesome. Oh, he did? Click the link to see more!

Following our earlier post this week showcasing the Empire of Japan’s most famous fighter, we’re able to restore some balance with (probably) the Allies most famous bomber; the B17 Flying Fortress. This beautiful micro scale model comes courtesy of John Lamarck on MOCpages. He’s even built the ground crew and escorting fighters to go with it. See more here.

Digging for Spitfires


The most beautiful fighter plane ever?

This incredible Supermarine Spitfire is the work of K Wigboldy aka Thirdwigg on MOCpages. Probably the the most beautiful plane ever designed, and one of the saviors of European, Australian and Soviet skies during World War II, the Supermarine fought throughout the war for the Allied Forces before retiring from RAF service in 1961. Powered by monstrous supercharged Rolls Royce engines the Supermarine nearly went supersonic in dives and paved the way for the supersonic fighters that followed the war.

Today only 40-odd airworthy planes remain from the 20,000 produced – but all that could change in 2013. A long rumored cache of buried Spitfires in Burma is due to be excavated this year, with up to 60 of the planes hidden neatly in unopened packing crates for 60 years. The Supermarines were shipped to Burma to equip the Allies in the war in the Pacific. However the war finished before they could be built, and the MOD deemed it more economical to bury them than ship them back to the UK. Now that’s a rumor worth buying a metal detector for.

K Wigboldy’s Lego version of the famous fighter is more than a beautiful sculpture. Inside the full-stud body he’s packed in Power Functions control for the Rolls Royce engine, variable-pitch propellor and landing gear, as well as complete cockpit control for the flaps, elevators and rudder. To see more of this amazing creation click the link at the top of the post for MOCpages, or view it on Flickr here.

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Remembrance Day

Lego Tiger Tank

In memory of the fallen

This Remembrance Sunday we’ve decided to remind ourselves that the horror of war affected both sides during the World conflicts, and as such it seemed fitting to post this German Tiger Tank, which was uploaded to Flickr by LegoUli yesterday. Most soldiers who fought for the Axis powers during World War II were not Nazis, they were ordinary men conscripted to fight for the ideals of their nation’s leaders.

In recent conflicts the traditional Allies are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with nations deemed sworn enemies 50 years ago. Today we remember the injured, the lost, and those they have left behind. To find out more about the 2012 Poppy Appeal, please click here.

Banzai Bomber

A6M5 Fighter

A6M5 “Zeke” Fighter

This superb Fighter-Bomber is a Japanese A6M5, equipped to take-off from the Japanese fleet of aircraft carriers and further the Empire’s assaults during World War Two. Sydag Paragon has captured the shape and details of the real aircraft beautifully, through a combination of SNOT and traditional studs-up building. View it on MOCpages.

Dodging Bullets

Dodge Ambulance

Dodgy Medicine

This beautiful Dodge WC54 Ambulance is a product of Project Azazel, discovered by one of The Lego Car Blog Elves on Flickr. Mini-fig scale and loaded with SNOTy goodness, it resides with Azazel’s other military MOCs (including the famous Great Escape motorcycle jump) on his Flickr photostream.

Csepel D-344

Csepel D-344

Hungarian Army Transport

No, we hadn’t heard of the Csepel D-344 before either, (or even that an ‘s’ could follow a ‘c’), but a quick Google search reveals Kisvakond’s excellent MOC is true to the original Hungarian Army truck. View it on Brickshelf.