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Drumstick Lolly

Lego Race Car

Previous bloggee Angka Utama reminds us of one of our favourite childhood sweets, made from a nutritious blend of e-colourings and gelatine, with his 6-wide ‘Track Day Car’. Give it a lick at his photostream via the link above.

Biggie Smalls

Lego Technic Jeep


A double post today, from both ends of the scale spectrum. Here at The Lego Car Blog we appreciate models of all sizes; our Elves return to the office with a variety of vehicles, from tiny 4-wides up to monster Technic supercars. However, unfortunately for us, this week the Eves got into our secret supply of drumstick lollies and as such everything they’ve found for the past few days has been red or yellow.

We’ll have a think about what we can do about our workforce’s colour fixation (maybe force them to eat blue urinal cakes?), but in the mean time here are two more red and yellow vehicles, from Nick Barrett and Starscream Soundwave respectively.

Lego Saab Turbo