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Beige Bricks

Lego Technic Hong Hong Minibus RC

Beige… the colour of hearing aids, ageing light fittings, and the walls of houses owned by the chronically unimaginative. It’s not our favourite colour here at TLCB, and seeing as Smarties don’t come in this most boring of hues* the Elves don’t care for it much either. However, just occasionally beige can look damn good, and we have two creations here today to prove it.

First (above) is previous bloggee and TLCB favourite Shineyu‘s Technic Hong Hong minibus. Resplendent in two-tone beige and red this creation will be familiar to anyone from the Chinese island city, and it comes complete with Shineyu’s own personal advertising on the sides. Underneath there’s a full remote control Power Functions drivetrain, plus a set of additional motors powering the remotely opening door and a rotating front route sign.

There are lots more images of Shineyu’s minibus available to view at the Eurobricks discussion forum – take a ride over there via the link.

Today’s second bit of beige based brickery (below) comes from fellow Eurobricker damienple, who has used the hue to neat effect on his Technic 4×4 off-roader. Like Shineyu’s creation damienple’s model is fully remote controlled, with an XL motor providing the drive, a Servo the steering, and a Medium motor controlling a high/low range gearbox. There’s also live axle suspension on all four wheels, allowing this little 4×4 to perform pretty well in the rough stuff.

You can check all the details and pictures, and see the 4×4 in action off-road, at both the Eurobricks discussion forum and  on Brickshelf – click the links to make the jump.

Lego Technic 4x4 Off-Roader Remote Control

*Unless we suck the colour off them first – not that we’ve ever done that…