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Bought a Car. Turned Out To Be an Alien Robot. Who Knew?

Lego Transformers Bumblebee Camaro

Explosions. Megan Fox. Product Placement. Explosions. More Megan Fox. And Explosions. That summarises the first instalment of the Transformers movie franchise, and it also explains why our workforce of horrible little Elves love the films so much.

As you’d expect the Elves are delighted with today’s Transformers find. Ralph Savelsberg is the builder, and you can see more of his brilliant transforming Bumblebee Camaro on Flickr.

Robots in Disguise

Lego Optimus Prime Transformer

Long before Megan Fox, huge GM sponsorship and ‘Bayformers’ the Transformers franchise was a slightly ropey-looking cartoon, which now counts The Lego Car Blog Elves amongst its most avid fans.

Since we bought the Elves a video of the ’80s animation a new policy had to be introduced; ‘No Transformers Until You Bring Back A Creation’. Today though they’re all happily crowded round the old TV we’ve put in their cage-room, because they’ve discovered a gem of a model, and one that fits their latest obsession.

Lego Optimus Prime

Alex Jones aka Orion Pax is back, with a brilliant imagining of the original G1 Optimus Prime in Lego form. The flat-fronted truck comes complete with a superb silver trailer and transforms Optimus into his robot form beautifully. Check out the pictures and a video of the transformation at Alex’s photostream on Flickr, or via his ace website orionpax.de.

Lego Optimus Prime Transformer

Robots in Disguise

Lego TransformersThe Lego Car Blog Elves love the Transformers movies. Robots, cars, explosions, Megan Fox, and almost no plot at all, combine to create a kind of love only otherwise found in fans of annoying Canadian pop-stars. Occasionally, just occasionally, we are nice to the little turds, and this week for some reason we were feeling generous. So a DVD of the original 1980s Transformers Cartoon series (something the Elves had no awareness of) was bought, and it’s been on loop in the office ever since.

Unfortunately this meant that yesterday not a single Elf left the office as they were all too engrossed in the animated adventures, and thus we had nothing to post. To combat this a new policy has been initiated; bring back a creation, and then you can watch cartoons. Within 20 minutes we had a find, and it was only to be expected that it would be of the Transformers variety.

MOCpages’ Chris Roach, something of a Transformers extraordinaire, is the builder behind this cartoon-spec G1 Ratchet of the Autobots. It really transforms too, by – as a guess – witchcraft and magic. See the transformation at Chris’ MOCpage via the link above, whilst we watch some cartoons with the Elves.

Leader of the Autobots

Optimus Prime

Insert Megan Fox in the picture above for twice the awesome

Optimus Prime by BricksonwheelsMOC

Following their release into the www last week our Lego Car Blog Elves have started to return with their findings. Melvin, normally a slovenly fellow, was the first back (perhaps with the misguided notion that he’d get a pay rise), clutching this in his grubby little hands.

Michael ‘2 explosions’ Bay is going to win no awards for style, but BricksonwheelsMOC just might, with his superb and heavily chromed replica of Hasbro’s finest.

Check it out on MOCpages http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/293118