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Power Up

Lego Power Functions Crane

It’s the opening weekend of the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship in Melbourne, and the Elves are riotously excited. So what’s this Technic crane truck by Eurobricks’ Razor got to do with F1? Well, it’s the first race weekend under the new regulations with new engines, new hybrid systems, new cooling, new exhausts and new downforce. All of this means new reliability problems, and therefore we expect to see quite a few F1 cars being parked during the race.

The Melbourne track is largely on public roads, so crane trucks such as this one are vital in removing broken cars from the side of the track to safety. Razor’s Technic version is powered by nine(!) Power Functions motors, with three battery boxes and four sets of lights. To see it in action and join the discussion head over to the Eurobricks forum via the link above.

Back to our tenuous F1 link; you might see more of crane trucks like this than the Renault-powered cars at Melbourne this weekend… We can’t wait!

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It’s Go Go Go!

Lego F1 2012

The 2012 Formula 1 Championship kicks off today in Melbourne. ‘Bad Furday’ shows us the new shape for ’12 with his generic Lego F1 2012  MOC on Flickr.

Due to new safety regulations, almost all the cars feature a horrifically ugly ‘stepped nose’ (the lower front wing reduces the chances of the nose riding over another car’s cockpit in an accident). McLaren are the exception, with a beautiful low sweep instead of the ugly step. Judging by their superb 1+2 in qualifying, it proves the adage; if it looks fast, it is fast.

Enjoy the Championship! (Or as much of it you can watch if you don’t have Sky)

Lego F1 2012

Click the link above this picture for Bad Furday's explanations in Lego of the new regulations for 2012

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