Group of the Month – Classic Race Teams

1959 Fiat 682/RN2 Bartoletti Transporter

Group of the Month – Classic Race Teams

Welcome to our new feature – Group of the Month. The Lego Car Blog Elves will endeavour to trawl the whole of the Interweb to discover new and exciting Lego groups for you enjoy.

Here in the Legoboratory we have noticed a lot of commotion on MOCpages recently, and in particular a small but incredibly active group of car builders.  If you love Lego and motorsport then you will love this group – Classic Race Teams.

We have featured several creations from this group already so we decided to have a closer look. It appears that the Mocpages car building community is trying to recreate classic race teams from the golden era of racing 1950s to 1970s. Cars, transporters and even support vehicles are all being reproduced with incredible attention to detail.

Sometimes it only takes one builder to inspire a whole bunch of other builders to recreate similar MOCs. As far as we can tell Ape Fight has done just that with his fantastic Fiat 682/RN2 Carrozzeria Bartoletti; Scuderia Ferrari Race Transporter. Not the snappiest title but what a MOC it is. Every detail has been wonderfully recreated and it even includes four (yes I said four) XL motors to power this 4.5 Kg beauty.

We will try and find more exciting groups for you to feast on but for the time being this one should offer hours of nourishment. Enjoy!

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