Lego Landie

Lego Land Rover Series 1The Lego Car Blog Elves continue their never-ending* search for the web’s best Lego vehicles, and today it was Brickshelf‘s turn to yield a model worth publicising.

This marvellous Technic Land Rover Series 1 is the work of Tamas Juhasz aka mbmc137, who has recreated the world-famous 4×4 from a mix of LEGO plates and Technic beams.

Under the lightweight bodywork is a LEGO RC Buggy Motor and a 4-speed gearbox of Tamas’ own design, giving his Land Rover some pretty decent off-road abilities. See the Series 1 in action on YouTube, and check out the full Brickshelf gallery via the link above.

*Unless we get bored of blogging and stop feeding them.

3 thoughts on “Lego Landie

      1. mud4fun

        LOL, yes the 1:1 trucks sound a lot better 🙂

        To be fair, I built an R/C rock crawler a few years ago and that has a cordless drill motor and 70:1 reduction gearing and it too sounds similar to the lego land rover in that vid.


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