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Land Rover Series 1 80″ | Picture Special

This is without doubt the loveliest Lego Land Rover we’ve seen this year. Because the loveliest Land Rover is of course a green Series 1 80″.

Built by recent bloggee FanisLego, this utterly beautiful recreation of the definitive Land Rover captures every aesthetic detail of the wonderful 1950s original, with brick-built leaf-spring suspension, a replica of the simple 50bhp 1.6 litre engine, holes for the power-take-offs (can you imagine a modern Defender including the ability to run farm equipment from the engine!), flipping seats, a folding windscreen, plus opening doors, hood, and tailgate.

Photographed and presented superbly, FanisLego’s Land Rover Series 1 80″ is available to view on Bricksafe, where fifteen stunning images are within in the model’s album. Better yet, a link to building instructions can also be found, so if – like us – you think the Series 1 Land Rover is probably the best vehicle ever built, you can create your very own in brick form.

Head to Bricksafe via the link in the text above, where you can find full build details, the complete image gallery, and a link to building instructions.

Lego Landie

Lego Land Rover Series 1The Lego Car Blog Elves continue their never-ending* search for the web’s best Lego vehicles, and today it was Brickshelf‘s turn to yield a model worth publicising.

This marvellous Technic Land Rover Series 1 is the work of Tamas Juhasz aka mbmc137, who has recreated the world-famous 4×4 from a mix of LEGO plates and Technic beams.

Under the lightweight bodywork is a LEGO RC Buggy Motor and a 4-speed gearbox of Tamas’ own design, giving his Land Rover some pretty decent off-road abilities. See the Series 1 in action on YouTube, and check out the full Brickshelf gallery via the link above.

*Unless we get bored of blogging and stop feeding them.