The Bull

DAF 3300 Paris Dakar Truck

Back in the 1980s the Paris Dakar Rally was a very different proposition to how it is today. GPS hadn’t been invented and the race was as much about navigation as speed. European manufacturers were taking the event seriously though, and creating purpose built machines. Dutch truck builder DAF joined the race in 1985 with their heavily modified 3300 off-road truck, driven by Jan de Rooy. ‘The Bull’ as it was known finished in 2nd place within the truck category, and we bet it looked bloody cool doing so.

Nanko Klein Paste shows us how The Bull looked with his awesome recreation in Lego form. Utilising four Power Functions medium motors for drive and with some monster suspension, Nanko’s Technic version of the Dutch legend looks as capable off road as any Lego model is likely to get. See all the photos and details on Flickr at the link above.

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