Ferrari F40 Picture Special

Lego Technic Ferrari F40

Our Elves have been very successful over the past few days, which is great news for them (some are even looking quite plump), but it has meant much busyness for us. As such we’re going to round off this period of frequent blogging with one of the nicest Technic Supercars that we’ve ever seen; Jorge Garcia’s amazing Ferrari F40.

Lego Technic Ferrari F40 SupercarThis beautiful supercar by the previous TLCB bloggee is a truly exceptional replica of the late ’80s Ferrari. Underneath the exquisitely recreated bodywork sits a working engine and gearbox, and a full remote control drive system.

It’s the perfect finale to our millionaire-week, and you can see all the incredible details of Jorge’s recreation of one of the all time great supercars on both Brickshelf and MOCpages.

Lego Technic Supercar Ferrari F40

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