Shout Out

Lego 4x4 Space Transport

The Elves are particularly excited by today’s find. Not only does it have racing stripes and an ability to smush other Elves into the carpet via remote control, builder David Roberts’ has included a shout out to them in his creation description.

Don’t think that doing this earned his ‘4×4 Greeble Transporter’ a place here though, as TLCB team don’t like excited Elves one bit, so such shout outs probably balance out somewhere around neutral (before you guys get any ideas!). The creation has earned itself a place here though, by being thoroughly brilliant.

Driven by a Power Functions XL motor and steered by two linear actuators the Greeble Transporter contains a proper dose of Technic goodness underneath the fantastic classic space exterior. You can see more pictures, and a video of the vehicle in action, via both MOCpages and Flickr.

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One thought on “Shout Out

  1. […] month also featured many impractical and dangerous designs from another TLCB blogee, David Roberts. Fortunately these were all built in LDD and with nothing for the Elves to sink their teeth into, […]


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