Flight Simulation – Picture Special

Lego Technic Mercedes Arocs

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs creations keep on coming! The latest to grace these pages comes from Eurobrick’s Samolot, and it’s one of the most impressive developments of LEGO’s 42043 set that we’ve seen thus far.

Featuring remote control drive and steering, suspension and pneumatic outriggers, Samolot’s Arocs truck includes as many functions as the official set, and that’s before you get to the junk in the trunk…

Lego Technic Mercedes-Benz Arocs Truck

Mounted over the rear wheels is a platform suspended by six pneumatic cylinders (controlled via a Power Functions electric compressor), which can raise, lower, pitch, and yaw. Insert some patrons into said platform along with a large TV screen and this Mercedes-Benz Arocs becomes a flight simulator ride!

Lego Technic Flight Simulator

Samolot’s creation is one of the engineering highlights of the year so far, and includes five Power Functions motors, three Power Functions switches, ten pneumatic cylinders and six meters of pneumatic hosing.

You can see all the details on Eurobricks by clicking here, alongside a full description and, best of all, a video of the flight simulator in action!

Lego Technic Remote Control Truck

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