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Lego Technic RC UAZ-452 Van

An enjoyable afternoon perusing the office intern’s Facebook holiday pictures seemed like a good use of this TLCB writer’s time today. Sadly the importance of this task was lost on the Elves, who decided to shatter the peace of the office by feeding one of their number into a desk fan. Sigh.

It turns out that this particular act of violence was the culmination of an Elf-fight, which started when a two of our Elves simultaneously returned to TLCB Towers with this remote control UAZ-452 gas-service van, found on both MOCpages and Eurobricks. Seeing as we’re feeling generous today (and we’re bored of the fights) we’ll let them each have a meal token. On to the model!

It’s a Soviet-issue UAZ gas-service van, used for… er, servicing gas. Underneath the Technic lift-arm body is one of the most compact 4×4 drive-trains that we’ve seen yet. An XL motor powers all four wheels, suspended by live axles, plus there’s a Servo motor steering the front axle, opening (and locking) doors, an on board LiPo battery, and a telescopic ladder.

Previous bloggee Paave is the builder and you can see lots more, including a video of the UAZ in action, via the two links in the text above.

Lego Technic RC UAZ-452 Van

*Insert your own ‘Your Mom’ joke!

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