Big Erection

Lego Liebherr Remote Control Crane

TLCB favourite ShineYu is back, and this time he’s brought a truly massive erection – an enormous, fully RC, and fully working, Liebherr LTM 1350 all-terrain crane.

Measuring almost a meter long and weighing over 10KG, ShineYu’s creation is of genuinely epic proportions, so much so that photographing it must’ve been a real challenge (we’ve even relaxed our ‘exclude any clutter from shot‘ rule to accommodate it!).

The model is driven by four XL Motors with two Medium Motors controlling the four steering axels. A further Medium Motor rotates the crane turnable whilst another two XLs take care of the boom elevation and extension. A final two XL Motors power the lifting winch. All of that power means that ShineYu’s LTM can lift a load of up to 2KG to 2 meters using unmodified official LEGO parts.

You can all the details of this incredible build at the Eurobricks discussion forum, where there’s also an extensive image gallery and a link to a video of the crane in action.

 Lego remote Control Liebherr Mobile Crane

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