Circuit of Speed Champions | Picture Special

We’ve all dreamed of building our own racing circuit from LEGO bricks, with tyre barriers, grandstands, food stands, a pit lane, maybe even a Dunlop bridge…

Well SpaceMan Nathan has actually gone and done it, taking fourteen official LEGO Speed Champions sets and creating this wonderful race track diorama, complete with of all the above and more!

Measuring 144 by 112 studs, Nathan’s Circuit of Speed Champions includes everything a race track should, with a crowd of cheering race fans present to watch to the on-track battle.

There’s loads more to see of Nathan’s beautifully presented circuit diorama at his photostream on Flickr – join the action trackside via the link above!

3 thoughts on “Circuit of Speed Champions | Picture Special

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  2. robolettox

    I have to take new pictures of my current racetrack (TLCB quality ones), but here is my old setup:

    My current racetrack uses 36 baseplates, between track, green and gray ones and uses a spade of 288 x 288 studs.

    It has every single 6 wide released speed champions sets plus some I created.

    I will try to get TCLB worthy quality pictures of it.


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