Nosing Ahead

The new BMW M4, as with many of the brand’s latest offerings, is rather… er, nostrilly. Still, in racing form that humungous beak must help with cooling, and the M4 is indeed available to buy as a factory racing car in GT3 specification.

Cue this phenomenal Technic replica of the M4 GT3 by previous bloggee and TLCB Master MOCer Lachlan Cameron (aka Lox Lego).

Deploying not just his own talents, but also the best of third-party LEGO compatible creators including BuWizz (bluetooth battery), System of a Brick (custom rims), snakeeyes (racing livery design), and Brick Visions (interior stickers), Lachlan demonstrates that Lego building can be taken far beyond the basic bricks.

Underneath that superbly-liveried exterior is a full remote control drivetrain consisting of a BuWizz brick and dual Buggy Motors, working steering, adjustable suspension with five ride heights, a straight-6 engine, opening and locking doors, hood and trunk, and LED head and tail lights.

A road car variant is available too, and there’s lots more of both versions to see at Lachlan’s ‘BMW M4 GT3’ Flickr album, at the Eurobricks forum, and via a YouTube video available here. Click the links above to nose your way there.

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