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Polish a Turd

Italy, no stranger to maniacal despots itself, had a nice little business selling its old products to scumbag dictatorships in the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The most famous of these is probably the Polski-Fiat 126, built under license in Poland alongside the Italian made, and actually quite good, Fiat 126.

The two cars were almost identical in the 1970s, with the Polski version using a few lower specified components but otherwise being indistinguishable save for a little ‘p’ on badge.

The Italian-made 126 ceased production in 1980 after an eight year production run, however the Polski-Fiat version, with its Communist standard long waiting list (with Poles largely dependent upon coupons from the Government to buy one), survived for another twenty years, by which point it really was a turd.

This wonderful model of the Polski-Fiat 126 isn’t a turd at all though, being a thoroughly excellent recreation of the humble Polish peoples’ car. Built by previous bloggee Dornbi of Flickr it captures the real 126p beautifully (and is pictured above alongside an equally good communist counterpart Trabant).

Head to Poland (via Italy) sometime in the 1980s at Dornbi’s photostream by clicking on the link above.

Not a Porsche

Lego Fiat 126

European, rear engined, rear wheel drive… the Fiat 126 was nearly identical to a Porsche 911. Except in every other measurable way.

We’ve often derided the little Fiat and its siblings here at TLCB, because they spawned more hateful Communistical automotive landfill than almost any other vehicular design. However, before the 126 was handed over to Eastern Europe to be badly built by dictatorial regimes it was actually a damn good car. A segment leading one in fact, even to the point that Ford benchmarked it when designing their new supermini in the 1970s; the Fiesta.

This Technic version of the 126 has, somewhat confusingly, been built by Porsche96 over on Brickshelf. It’s got opening doors and trunk, Power Functions remotely controlled drive and steering, and a working gearbox too. You can see the Fiat’s full gallery by clicking the link above.